Refinery Group Marketing Service

The Refinery Group (Marketing  Service)

Mothers Against Violence (MAV) are happy to promote the work of the Refinery Group Marketing Service. MAV have been working with the Refinery for a year. Refinery volunteered their service to MAV in order to help us make people more aware of the impact of gun and knife crime on the community. MAV and Refinery aim the campaign at the age group research had shown is most likely to be the victims of such crime 16-25 year olds.     

Refinery Group started by creating a new logo for MAV. After it was designed we asked  young and old what they thought of the new logo the feedback was an overwhelming   “Yes we Love it!” People felt it was much better and much more noticeable. Over 85% of people asked said it was much more appropriate. The MAV Executive Committee agreed we would change the MAV logo.                                                   

Refinery Group went on to created Artwork for the MAV outreach van, new MAV t-shirts and baseball caps, a sign for office unit and they also helped us celebrate are 10th Anniversary with Christmas cards and information on gun and knife crime for schools. Their work is still on going with us however MAV felt it was time to say a BIG THANK YOU!

Refinery have been a pleasure to work with throughout 2010 we hope the relationship we have built over the year will continue to be a very positive one. MAV will always be grateful for the hard work and continued support you have given we are happy to recommend the service to all.

Mothers Against Violence

Executives Committee  

Refinery Group
10 Pittbrook Street  
M12 6JX
Phone: 0161 273 5511
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