Fathers Against Violence Launch Event

The Fathers Against Violence Launch Event

It was a pleasure for the Chairperson Ian Swanston of Mothers Against Violence (MAV) to support in the launch of Fathers Against Violence.  This event took place on the 28th January 2011 at the Yaba Restaurant in Hulme. It provided an opportunity  for services in the area such as CARSIMA, GM Police and other leading community ambassadors to come together.

James Gregory the founder of Fathers Against Violence spoke of his commitment to ensuring that his son’s death was not in vain. MAV founder Patsy Mckie spoke of the hope she had in the future of Fathers Against Violence. Patsy said; “It took a community to build an organisation like MAV, it is never just about the founder.” She thanked the local community for the support they had given to MAV over the past 11 years and said she believed that the same community would help support Father Against Violence.  Erimna Bell (MBE) from Carisma encouraged fathers to be positive role models, she said; “Never be ashamed to use every experience, good and bad to shape your future. We all can learn from our mistakes and use them to show our children a different way.”  There were also positive contributions from GM Police and influential fathers in the community. The event was also enhanced by music from local young people.

If you require  more information on how to support Fathers Against Violence please contact MAV.  

Phone: 0161 226 8134 

Email: office@mavuk.org

 Mark Ryan Photographer  Email:photodizz@live.co.uk

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