A Big Thank You!

Million Mothers Milling!

Mothers Against Violence (MAV) would like to thank all the people who supported the Million Mothers Milling Event which took place on 31st July 2011. Over 700 people supported the day in Manchester and London.

The day started with a march at 1pm through Manchester City Centre from All Saints Park to the Castlefield Arena. MAV Manchester had support  at their event from groups from Leeds and Birmingham. The second MAV march in London Croydon started an hour later outside the Whitgift Shopping Centre.

This year MAV Manchester was joined by Fathers Against Violence (FAV) . James Gregory, whose son Giuseppe Gregory was gunned down outside the Robin Hood pub in Stretford in 2009 and is the founder of FAV staged managed the stage event at the Castlefield Arena.  The chairman of FAV Mel Godfrey  said: “The violence really has to stop.” FAV have recently been awarded funding from the Home Office to work with young men and fathers in the community over the next two years, providing support, educational and parenting skills development. MAV are keen to support FAV to develop this work over the next two years. Candy Kintu, a mum-of-two from Hulme, who lost a friend as a result of gun crime said: “We want this to stop the gun crime, knife crime any violence and hopefully get the community together. I have got two little boys so I wouldn’t want them to get caught up into that kind of thing.”

MAV founder Patsy McKie said: “MAV &  FAV are working together very closely. The Million Mothers Milling event is about raising awareness of the issues and looking at how we can keep our young people safe from gun crime and knife crime and any kind of violence. This is how we make every child matter and how we can keep them safe. Fathers are very important in the whole scheme of things.” 

Mothers Against Violence Chairperson Ian Swanston attended the London Million Mothers Milling Event which was held outside Croydon Whitgate Shopping Centre he said: “It was a pleasure supporting the Croydon event. The Croydon team worked hard at improving on last year’s event and they succeeded. They reached more people with the positive message of keeping the street of London safe. Gun and Knife Crime has been on the increase for over a decade in our capital city we want to see a change in this negative trend.” The Chairperson praised the hard work of the Million Mothers Milling Committee chaired by Beulah Tomlin in Manchester, Oriel Weekes in Croydon London and Anna Travers from Leeds.  

For more information on supporting next year’s event please call or email MAV.

Phone: 0161 226 8134

Email: office@mavuk.org    

Contributions from Manchester Evening News:  Jennifer Williams

Photographs:  Atsushi Meguro (Croydon March), Miselo Kunda Artist Director Silk Photography (Manchester March) and Manchester Evening News

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