MAV Rehabilitation – A Business Development Project

Road Map for Business Development

Mr Carl Montlake 

MAV Business Development Lead  

Mothers Against Violence (MAV) has supported the rehabilitation of many offenders within the prison service. We are committed to developing the rehabilitation process for those who are serving sentences at Her Majesty Pleasure.

MAV has a commitment to victims of crime. Many of those victims want the criminal justice system to ensure justice is being served, and those criminals who serve their time return to communities reformed and able to live as law-abiding citizens, contributing in a positive way to society.

Mothers Against Violence have a commitment to working with Prisons Services to ensure those leaving prison have every opportunity to change offending behaviours. We are keen to help reduce the rate of re-offending in our communities. In November 2010 the Ministry of Justice stated out of 14 prisons in England and Wales over 70% of prisoners released after short team sentences go on to re-offend. Juliet Lyon of the Prison Reform Trust said;

“No one is going to argue with an aim to reduce current unacceptable prison reoffending rates but will a move to privatise more prisons deliver this outcome?” (March 2011)

“Home, a job and a supportive family were important in helping criminals avoid recidivism.” (November 2010)  

Juliet Lyon, of the Prison Reform Trust 




Road Map for Business Development is a programme used with ex-offenders to provide support in developing their knowledge of business and employment. The training programme provides training which covers all major aspects of establishing a business. It offers an opportunity to gain an understanding of business development and provides support, encouragement, opportunity and training for ex-offenders and those preparing for release. The programme will soon be used with Youth Offending Teams (YOT) as a preventative intervention. We will also offer the programme to those less fortunate in our community, those people who have never had the opportunity to go into business and would like to develop their skills. Blair Gibbs, of the Centre-Right Think-Tank Policy Exchange, said;

“Neither prison nor probation work well enough.”The justice system is failing to deter criminals who remain active for many years and sentences are clearly not working to rehabilitate when most offenders go back to crime regardless of how many prior sentences they have served.”

Blair Gibbs, of the Centre-Right Think-Tank Policy Exchange (November 2010)





The course material is designed to help identify and clarify the reasons why a student wishes to start a new business venture. It will be of assistance in identifying a potential business idea. It is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the skills and abilities that are required to establish and organise a business. The main aims are:

  • To understand the requirements for establishing a business
  • To provide students with opportunities to develop academic skills in Business Studies appropriate for a range of progression options.
  • To enable students to develop a knowledge and understanding of the subject area
  • To encourage the learner to apply theoretical understanding and evaluation to complex content
  • To enable students to apply a range of transferable skills to subject related topics, issues and situations.
  • To provide students with a working knowledge of how to establish and develop the skills that will be required to develop their business
  • To facilitate and foster the development of a range of presentation skills relevant and appropriate to the discipline level of running a business.
  • To provide guidance for financing and raising capital for a business
  • To provide support and encouragement to students


  • The development of key skills in an effective and academic context for the purposes of personal development and progression.
  • An appreciation of the value and problems of interpretation of core concepts in Business Studies, together with related and relevant practices, methodologies and theories.
  • An understanding of the core concepts within Business Studies in different situations and contexts
  • The ability for students to apply their experience, knowledge and understanding, and skills to a range of course-related topics.
  • An ability to apply presentation skills appropriate to the discipline, level of study and delivery method of a business plan.
  • Development of transferable evaluative and analytical skills relevant to Business Studies.
  • An understanding of business in today’s market place along with all of its facets.

On completion of the course, the student will be able to identify their own strengths, weaknesses and any special training needs. The training will also help the student identify the resources needed to commence a business and decide on the appropriate name and legal structure.

MAV’s chairperson Ian Swanston said; “I am encouraged by Carl Montlake’s project “Road Map for Business Development” and Carl’s positive ability to engage with those who have come through the criminal justice system.  Mothers Against Violence are committed to supporting Carl’s project. MAV is also keen to see the programme reach more people in prison, in youth offending institutes and the rehabilitation services. In addition to this, we feel it should benefit those in the inner city communities who need support in developing their business ideas. Carl Montlake has been welcomed onto the MAV team, with his knowledge of business development and the criminal justice system, alongside MAV’s expertise in community engagement we believe this will be a good combination to ensuring the growth and success of the project. 

Mr Ian C Swanston BSc (Hons) MAV Chairperson & ACCESS Project Lead.

For more information on the course please contact Carl Montlake on:

Phone No. 0161 226 8134

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