Victim Support Funding Review 2010-2011

Mother Against Violence (MAV) have completed the first year of support with A Community Counselling & Emotional Support Service (ACCESS).  ACCESS is a combination of services which provide Therapeutic and Cognitive behavioural support for those in the inner city of Manchester who have suffered as a result of social issues, which include gun crime, knife crime, anti-social behaviour and mental health issues. ACCESS also provides support for those who may find it hard to access public services due to finance, fear or stigma. ACCESS also provides group work, the service is currently completing the delivery of therapeutic and behavioural support for young people and fathers in Manchester.  

The Victim Support funding has enabled ACCESS to meet the needs of victims in six key areas:

  • Traumatic Death; support for victims families & Friends 
  • Children & Young people 0-18 victims of anti social behaviours
  • Mentoring & CBT support for victims of crime
  • Counselling for inner city victims of crime
  • Group work for victims
  • Respite for victims family and friends  

Over 60 session of group work and one to one therapy has been completed in schools across Greater Manchester throughout 2010-2011. ACCESS has also provided mentoring with additional education support for a growing Islamic African Somali community. The mentoring educational programme has been run by Somali group workers, who have a clearer understanding of the needs for this marginalised group. The team of workers have provided support for primary school children and adults.  

ACCESS have worked with Fathers Against Violence (FAV) supporting the development  of a Fathers Group which had now secured its own funding through the Home Office. The additional funding will now allow FAV to continue the support for fathers for two years. ACCESS has agreed to continue to provide additional support and therapy throughout the duration of the fathers group.

The funding from Victim Support have also allowed us to provide respite for over 120 families in the inner city of Manchester this support was combined with the Million Mothers Milling Event (MMM). The event highlighted the bereavement issues on those family and friends who have lost loved ones as a result of murder. The BE SAFE theme allowed families a free fun day out in Manchester and London. Many of these families have experienced the effects of gun and knife crime.

There have been a total of 108 sessions of one to one mentoring and counselling for young people and children between the ages of 8-18. Some referrals have been from as far as Wigan in Greater Manchester.  ACCESS has provided 53 counselling sessions for adults. Much of the counselling has been for those who have experience the impact of traumatic death such as murder.  

The ACCESS project has also provided a total of 12 parenting support session. 

ACCESS is now seeking funding for the second year and hope services who value the need of therapeutic and emotional support such as Victim Support will be able to support this valuable service.

The evaluation of the service has shown over 85 % of people who have engaged with the service have benefited positively.

Clients Evaluation comments

(Names have been changed and request was granted before using these quotes)  

After the murder of my partner I tried counselling but never felt understood. Then I got the number of Mothers Against Violence. They referred me to their counsellor.  I felt understood after the first session. I would never have been able to go back to work or face the trial of my partner without the counselling support.

Vanessa 25+years

I can only talk about my dad leaving and never seeing us again in my mentoring sessions. I am angry and violent towards my mum and family, I often don’t know why. I am glad I get to talk to my mentor and get his support.    

Shawn 13 years 

If you need support please contact MAV ACCESS Project on 0798 406 6771 

MAV Office:  0161 226 8134


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