Awards for All Funded Life Long Learning Project

Life Long Learning Project  Mothers Against Violence

Mother Against Violence (MAV) have completed The Life Long Learning Project. The project was funded by Awards for All Big Lottery Fund.

The project allowed MAV to develop the IT department providing computer access for many in the community without IT skills. The project also gave many existing volunteers the ability to run and develop new projects. MAV requested funding for the costs of sessional workers, volunteer expenses, equipment including books, dvd’s, stationary, games and worksheets. Marketing materials was required for promotion via leaflets, flyers, posters and the website. We also need to purchase additional computers along with software. Beneficiaries explore topics via holistic methods: Role Play/ Interactive Games/ Internet/DVD’s/ Open Discussions/1 to 1’s/ Group Activities/Self Reflection/ Coaching/ Mentoring. The aim of workshops are to educate, raise awareness, engage and empower people, mainly young people to make positive change for themselves and their community. As a result of the training MAV’s current website is now updated and run by a volunteer who benefited from training from The Life Long Learning Project.  

MAV’s YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook links have all now been added to the website this has all been made possible thanks to project. The Life Long Learning Project  lasted a year and member of the community were able to use MAV office space to develop projects which would enhance their skills and create employment opportunities. In the last year over 275 people from 8 year olds to 65 year olds have used MAV office space and computers to educate and enhance their personal skills. As a result of the project we have been able to support work completed by Father Against Violence It has also supported work completed by the MAV Substance Misuse Project which is now developing a service that encourages ex – addicts to use skills such as poetry, art and music as a key part of their rehabilitation process.

Without The Life Long Learning Project funding these services would have struggled. The project has also provided room for new volunteering opportunities.    

The projects main outcomes included:

  • Over 300 Free computer and training development sessions  
  • IT Training and development which includes website development.
  • YouTube Channel and PayPal Accounts
  • Website links to Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • MAV’s New Look interactive website
  • IT Educational programmes for 8-16 year olds from a growing inner city Somali Community.
  • 6 new Computers and Laptops with computer stations
  • 8 New Voluntary opportunities  

We would like to thank Awards for All Big Lottery Fund for all their support. We do hope they will support MAV again in the future.    

MAV are seeking to secure funding for the next year. We are hopeful for our future. At present we have not yet secured funding for 2012 and really need your support in raising funds. We want to continue doing the work we do supporting local schools, youth offending services, prisons,  substance misuse services and providing counselling and Mentoring. Please kindly make a donation.

 You can make a donation now by clinking on our ”Donate Now” link.

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