New Chairperson at MAV’s Annual General Meeting

MAV Going Forward into the Future with Confidence    

Mothers Against Violence (MAV) had a successful 13th Annual General Meeting on the 18th May 2012. MAV Chairperson Ian Swanston led the proceeding with a review of the last 12 months. The review included three successful poetry nights from July through to December 2011.


The events brought together poets from around Manchester. Many of the poets were recovering drug users who found poetry to be a positive way of channelling their feelings and emotions which helped many in their recovery. Tommy Riley who is now a volunteer for M AV was one of the beneficiaries of the MAV Substance Misuse Service. Tommy was voted in as a new committee member for MAV at the AGM. Others who were also voted in as new members of the committee were Carl Montlake, Lou Woods and Eva Manley.  Darren Conner and Rose Thomson were re-elected as committee members. Pauline Sergeant was voted in the new MAV Chairperson.  Ian Swanston moved over to the role of MAV Secretary. Ian Swanston, Julie Boyle, Patsy Mckie, Vida Swanston, Dr Robert Ralph & Rev Barrington Mullins remain Trustees of Mothers Against Violence. MAV were pleased to have so many willing volunteers put themselves forward as committee members.  We feel the new committee is a reflection of all the services involved in developing Mothers Against Violence. The Chairperson acknowledged the development of the Road Map to Business Development (RMBD) in the MAV Review.  RMBD is the newest service MAV are developing. The project is already operating in a number of Probation Services across Greater Manchester.   The service is led by Carl Montlake.





Carl Montlake and Patsy Mckie who leads on the Million Mothers March, School Presentation and Office Communication have been  key to almost all of the fundraising for MAV 2011.They have raised over £3,500 through street collections, Asda Hulme bag packing collections, school presentations and car boot sales. Patsy and Carl’s hard work in raising funds for MAV has not gone unnoticed.





We are also thankful for the contributions from the Substance Misuse Service, Promotional Events from Tommy Riley and the ACCESS Project. Without the support of our local and wider community MAV would not have seen many of the successes throughout 2011. Each donation means so much to keeping the work we do active in our community.

Others areas highlighted in the review:

  • Fathers Against Violence Father’s Day Event which MAV helped to fund.
  • After the Riots Event: Mothers Against Violence announce an open event for the community. The event was held on Thursday 1st September 2011 at the West Indian Centre, Moss Side and was attended by over 40 members of the community.
  • Mothers Against Violence visit to Denmark
  • MAV Campaign underway to vote Patsy Mckie into the House of Lords
  • MAV Complete Successful Funding Review for Victims Support & Awards for All
  • Through Unity Annual Conference Putting Victims First

The evening was closed by the newly elected Chairperson. Pauline Sergeant, Pauline spoke of her hope for the future. She said; MAV was doing positive work in the community. However MAV needed to reach more people not only those in the local areas such as Hulme and Moss Side. Pauline said she hoped to help move MAV into new areas in the city making links with other services and local events. Pauline has a vast amount of experience in local community projects and has chaired many community groups as well as being a School Governor and Person Centred Counsellor.

MAV would like to thank everyone who attended the AGM. We hope you enjoyed the evening. We also hope to see you and work with you over the next 12 months.

Big Thank You!


Phone: 0161 2268134

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