MAV Make A Positive Contribution in 2014

Making Children & Young People Matter 2014

On Saturday 12th July at 1.00 pm MAV are having our annual Making Children & Young People Matter Event. It will be held in MANCHESTER city centre, Piccadilly Gardens. On stage will be live musical talent, inspirational talks, poetry, stalls and other entertainment.  Mothers Against Violence aims to raise awareness of the effect of crime on families and  communities. The year is the BIG THANK YOU YEAR!

MAV will pay tribute to  people and services in the community that Make A Positive Contribution. The theme this year is taken from the Every Child Matter Framework. We also hope to inspire others to Make A Positive Contribution in their communities.

MAV are please to be able to say thanks to those who contributed in the 1st World War and this year we celebrate one hundred years. MAV have received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and at this years Event we will thank black and all other ethnic groups who made a positive contributions one hundred years ago and those who put their lives on the front line of war today.

Building A New Generation (BANG)

Residential Weekend &  Lion King Theatre Trip

MAV’s A Community Counselling & Emotional Support Service (ACCESS) hosted the Building A New Generation (BANG) Residential weekend which took place on 26th -27th April 2014. The event took place at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Bradford. Ian Swanston who leads the ACCESS project was lead coordinator for the event. Ian provided a therapeutic environment throughout the weekend this helped give young people time and space to explore their views and thoughts. The programme included a trip to Bradford’s Alhanbra Theatre to see the Lion King.

The weekend was aimed at young people aged 11-17. It was funded by Awards for All Lottery Funding and supported young people in developing ways in which they can impact their community in a positive way. The Every Child Matters outcome Economic Wellbeing has been a key focus for MAV since July 2013 and the BANG weekend brought the theme to a positive end. The young people covered issues relevant to enhancing their everyday life. There were 4 Workshops which covered the topics Business Development, Building Positive Relationships, African DANCE and Making a Difference to Domestic Abuse.

The ACCESS project created a programme of activities that allowed the group of young people to reflect on their personal goals as well as think about how those goals would best impact their local community. The whole weekend had a clear message of encouragement and self-reflection. A qualified male and female Counsellor were on hand throughout the weekend to provide support and encouragement in group and one to one work.   

In small groups the young people were able to bring their thoughts together and write four key focus points for BANG 2014-15.

 B – Build Believe and never give up. Being Bigger Better and Bolder  

 A – Aim to Achieve high Aspirations through positive Actions

 N – No Negativity No more Neglect

 G – Group together forever Generation

MAV’s Road Map for Business Development Workshop

The workshop is in its second year at MAV and was developed by Carl Montlake & MAV to help provide training for ex-offenders on their release from prison. The programme of support covers all major aspects of establishing a business. Carl session with the young people offered an opportunity for them to consider the possibility of having their own business in the future. Carl helped young people understand what is necessary when developing a good business idea. Carl also provided encouragement, for those young person who were already considering a business venture in the future. The young people feedback from the session was encouraging they said;  

You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it 

 I know the things to think about when starting a business

Having a business is not easy    

On the first day of the programme the young people were allowed some free time to go out and about around Bradford. The young people split into three groups. The first group visited Bradford City Centre and went to see what bargains Bradford city shops had to offer. The second group visited the National Media Museum which is said to be one of the most modern interactive museums in the UK. The third group went to the Impression Art Gallery and Library. The gallery had a special presentation called “Thirteen” which evoked death drama and identity. George Chakravarthi re-imagines the thirteen Shakespearean characters who met their ends through suicide.  The activities were followed by Dinner at an all you can eat Cantonese Buffet Restaurant. A number of young people took full advantage of the all you can eat part of the deal.   

We ended the first day at the Alhambra Theatre seeing the stage production of the Lion King. It was the first experience of the theatre for many of the young people who attended. The trip was also a way of inspiring young people who are part of the MAV Dance Group to explore other forms of dance such as African dancing. The Lion King story line brings together many of the key aims and objectives of MAV. The story follows the life of a Simba a lion cub who runs away from his troubles instead of facing them and standing up for positive change. Simba later learns you can’t run away forever and the best thing to do is to face your past and make positive changes for the future. The ACCESS Project have wanted to complete a trip to see the production for a number of years however were unable to secure funding. ACCESS were extremely grateful when Awards for All agreed to fund the total cost of the two day residential and trip to see the Lion King. After the show the young people said;

“It was the best thing they had ever seen” 

“It was just great” 

“I want to see it again it was just amazing”

This was all very encouraging for the staff and MAV team  

On the second day after a very nice breakfast at the hotel Ian Swanston completed a reflection. Ian helped the young people gathered thoughts and feeling from the Lion King  production. The young people were asked if they were inspired by the story and what they enjoyed or disliked about the production. It was largely very positive the only two dislikes were the seating and the length of the production. The majority of feedback was extremely positive the things the young people highlighted as learning points from the production included;

Working together helps communities

Never try to run away from your past, learn from it

Good will always overcomes evil

Don’t let anyone stop you from going for your dreams    

African Dance Workshop  & Cartwright Hall in Lister Park

The young people were given a choice to complete an African Dance workshop which would allow the young people time to explore the dance of the Lion King. During the session the young people would explore the power of movement with African dance instructor Joy Akinbinu. Joy would help the young people look at African dance in details and share her experience of African dance helping the group create their own African moves and groves. The alternative activity to African dance was an outdoor activity to which is set in the magnificent, Green Flag-awarded grounds of Lister Park, with a boating lake, adventure playground and Mughal Gardens. Most of the children stayed to complete the African Dance Workshop. However 5 of them visited Lister Park and Cartwright Hall with two members of staff. After the African Dance workshop and trip to Lister Park the young people said they really enjoyed the two activities. One young people wrote;

Joy had good energy and persuasive skills she got most people taking part in the African Dance Workshop   

Domestic Abuse

The final workshop covered the challenging subject of Domestic Abuse. The session was led by Carol Townsend who explored the issues of domestic abuse. She helped the young people explore ways in which they could challenge such issues in their local community. Young people also looked at what influences made this the fastest growing type of abuse in local communities across then UK. The young people also looked at ways in which they can make positive changes to improve outcomes in the future. The workshop helped young people look out for the signs of domestic violence in relationships. The young people were extremely engaged in the subject matter which was a clear reflection on the Carol’s active learning style which ran throughout the two hour session. After the session young people said:

I have learnt how to keep myself safe from abusive relationships and how to support others.  

 I now know how many people in our community are suffering from abusive relationships. I want to make a difference.

The early signs of abusive behaviours are clearer to me.      

We ended the weekend with an evaluation session which was led by MAV founder member Patsy Mckie. This allowed young people time to look at the main learning points of the weekend and feedback if the weekend had meet its aims and objectives. After the evaluation MAV Chairperson Pauline Sergeant led a vote of thanks which included thank to the ACCESS project Lead Ian Swanston.

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