I Matter U Matter! Making Children & Young People Matter 2015

Making Children & Young People Matter (MCYPM) 2015

It is that time of year again when Mothers Against Violence (MAV) prepare to host are biggest event of the years. MCYPM Planning Team are currently working with Manchester City Council, GM Police, Fire and Ambulance services to put together a programme of activities which highlight theimportance of children and young peopleacross Greater Manchester.

Patsy Mckie said of the initial MCYPM Event in 2004; “The MCYPM Event was birthed as a result of pain and the increase in a number of young men being murdered in our community. A march was organised to raise awareness and also to address the young men who were causing fear in the community with gang wars. After some consultation with local people MAV felt it was important to work with our local authority and use the “Every Child Matters Framework” to be a guide to what we wanted to achieve. MAV questioned local people and services to young people and children asking “If you believe every child matter, how do you show every child matters?” We felt it was important to do something to show as a group how we will make children and young people matter in our community.

Over the past five years MAV have covered all five of the Every Child Matters outcomes. This year the events theme is simply “I Matter U Matter.” The stage show will host numerous musical talent and artistic acts from young people across Manchester. Some of the confirmed artist include IONE preforming Back in the Day, Napz & Jawz, Sleepz, Kyle Angs, J Chambers, Rzo and J Sky . This free stage show will be the focus of our annual MCYPM celebration. We aim to ensure the key message this year is promoted throughout the day and young people leave the event encouraged to achieve all five of the Every Child Matters Outcome which were introduced by the government  12 years ago for every child cross Great Britain.  It was in 2003 the Government published a Green Paper called Every Child Matters. This was published alongside the formal response to the report into the death of Victoria Climbié, the young girl who was horrifically abused and tortured, and eventually killed by her great aunt and the man with whom they lived. The Green Paper built on plans to strengthen preventative services by focusing on four key themes: Increasing the focus on supporting families and carers – the most critical influence on children’s lives. Ensuring necessary intervention takes place before children reach crisis point and protecting children from falling through the net. Addressing the underlying problems identified inthe reportinto the death of Victoria Climbié – weak accountability and poor integration, ensuring that the people working with children are valued, rewarded and trained. The Green Paper prompted an unprecedented debate about services for children, young people and families. There was a wideconsultation with people working in children’s services, and with parents, children and young people.

To purchase an event T –Shirt “I Matter U Matter.” for only £7 please contact the MAV Office contact details below. Emails: office@mavuk.org                                                                                                                             Phone: 0161 226 8134

MCYPM’s Let’s Involve Fathers Too (LIFT) Project 

MAV are keen to keep the Every Child Matters key themes for services to young people as part of our agenda for positive change. Each year we secure funding from local and national funders for the MCYPM Event in the city of Manchester. We are pleased to say we are in our six year.  We express a big thank you to our funders for this year which include Heritage Lottery Fund, Youth Aspiration Fund, William Openshaw Street Trust  and Awards for All.  Awards for All are MAV’s longest serving funders supporting the charity for the last 5 years. This year Awards for All is supporting MAV’s ACCESS Project which support the mental health of local people through counselling.  ACCESS Project will look at how Fathers are supported to ensuring their role in family life is met and valued. On Father’s Day (21st June 2015) MAV  open registration  for a new intervention which is called Let’s Involve Fathers Too (LIFT). LIFT will start with a weekend residential at the Cedar Court Hotel in Huddersfield on 29th August 2015. The weekend will include support for fathers and will introduce the five principles of the Triple P Positive Parenting Programme which is an evidenced based parenting support intervention.  A recent study of Triple P showed five years after first introducing Triple P, the county of Santa Cruz hasclear evidence of the programme’s success – particularlywith fathers, Latino families and other hard-to-reach groups.  The Santa Cruz County Triple P coordinator Nicole Young manages the Triple P rollout for First 5 Santa Cruz – a child-advocacy organisation that invests in programmes to improve the lives of children with the Santa CruzCounty Children’s Mental Health Department and the Santa Cruz County Child Welfare Department.

Nicole said; “detailed records had been kept from the outset of the original pilot Triple P programme in order to track progress. Now, the results collected show marked improvements. These can be seen throughout the population in general, but also in typically hard-to-reach groups such as males, Spanish-speakers and Latino participants. Parents have said they found Triple P very helpful and they learned things like how to be more patient, or how to talk to their children, how to give descriptive praise, and create routines, and how to let their teens be involved in making decisions.”

The LIFT weekend will also provide an opportunity for local dadsto develop volunteer andcommunity roles intheir local community. It will continue with an 8 weeksupporting fathers parenting group in Manchester in September 2015. The 8 week programme is open to fathers who attended the weekend and will be open to new groupmembers.

Ian Swanston said; “It has been a pleasure working  with young people in school and addressing older people leading up to black history month celebrations in October 2014. I have spent a lot of time completing the 1st World War a Black Contribution Project which was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and has successfully engaged with 165 people from age 10 -92.  I completed presentations at Levenshulme Inspire, Holy Name Primary, African Caribbean Care Group and Barbados Overseas Nurses Association.  As this project comes to an end in July 2015 with a Walter Tull photograph tribute and memorial, I am excited to turn my attention to the LIFT support programme for local fathers.  As a father myself I know the role can sometimes be very challenging and there are times I don’t always know what’s best.  The thought of being able to have evidenced based support to manage such challenging issues is encouraging to me. Equally encouraging is the knowledge that I am not alone and there are other fathers’ who have similar experiences. I hope the LIFT project will enable local dad’s to come together and find support that enables better long-term outcomes for children and young people.”  

The 1st World War a Black Contribution Project will be reviewed in full in November 2015 and aspects of the review will appear on the MAV website. 

The LIFT Weekend is free. If you are a father of a child 0 -16 who would like to explore your role with other fathers please don’t hesitate in making contact. There are limited places on the LIFT Project.  Please make contact soon. Travel to and from the event can also be arranged free of charge to participants.  For more information contact details are below.

Mobile phone: 07984066771

Email: ian@mavuk.org

Guns, Gangs and Knives Conference 

19th May 2015 London

The Next Steps in Tackling Serious Youth Violence

Two memebrs of the MAV Management Committee attended the Guns, Knives & Gang conference in London.  Gang and Youth Violence has blighted some of our communities for years. There is widespread consensus that much more must be done to tackle serious youth crime in the UK, addressing the root causes of gang and street weapon culture and reaching out to young people to challenge destructive attitudes and behaviours. Ending Gang and Youth Violence: A Cross Government Report (November 2011). Focusing on five areas; prevention; pathways out; punishment; partnership working andproviding support, the strategy stressed that every agency must play its role in identifying children or young people at risk of involvement in gang crime and take robust, coordinated action to turn their life around. In October 2014, the Ending Gang and Youth Violenceprogramme wasexpanded to a further 10 areas, meaning a total of 43 local authorities are now engaged in the programme.

In June 2014, the Government released the ‘Ending Gang and Youth Violence: Community Engagement’ report which highlighted key principles for successful community engagement and reinforced that ending youth violence requires an end-to-end approach, from prevention to rehabilitation, from a range of statutory and non-statutory partners, the local community, public agencies and businesses. This special symposium offers an invaluable opportunity forpractitioners across the police service, education, health andthird sector to examine the Government’s strategies to tackle serious youth crime, share best practice and consider the next steps in confronting gang culture in order to significantly reduce the level of violence on our streets.  MAV were pleased to be able to send two members of themanagement committee to the event.

MAV Trustee Vide Swanston said; “It was good to hear one the speakers. Cherie Johnson, s Chief Executive of Shared Intense Support talk about the need to understand the language of young people. She said it is important that adults work at engaging with young people at their level. This will mean being able to understand how young people communicate. It is not about us trying to be young but it is more about us trying to show we are able to relate and understand. This then builds trust and young people will then feel more able to share their concerns and worries. Once they do we can then use are experience to help and support then through their issues and concern.  

European Conference on Countering Violent Extremism

 4th June 2015 Oslo, Norway

MAV were delighted to be invited to the European Conference on Countering Violent Extremism, organised by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue with the support of the Norwegian Government. The conference aimed to bring together activists, thinkers and practitioners to learn about different initiatives across Europe and to build a network ofactivists countering violent extremism.  MAV were sponsored bythe event organisers toattend. Two members of the team attended, one management  member and a volunteer. MAV attended day one of the conference which included services from many differentbackgrounds, religions and sectors within civil society, all with various levels of activism.Some participants work to buildcohesion and unity within their communities, whileothers work to directly counter extremism and violent extremistideologies. Whetherworking as individuals or within groups, in local or national spheres, this diversity reflects the many different concerns within civil society and helps to develop agreater understanding of the problemsfaced and possible solutions we can work towards collectively. There was also a range of innovators and creators from companies like Facebook and Google who joined the event to help teach about countering online extremism and how to stay networked across Europe in our efforts.

Jessica a volunteer who attended the Conference on Countering Violent Extremism said; “It was great to attend the event in Oslo. On my return I felt it was important to see how best I could feedback my learning to others in the charity. I could not help but think there was so much we could do to engage our volunteers. I feel MAV need to have more contacts with volunteers enabling volunteers to make more of a contribution and engage more effectively.  I am please this is something that has been highlighted as a need through the process of gaining our PQASSO quality standard. One of the key issues at the event was how we could be more effective with social media. We were encouraged to help engage young people in positive ways to do positive activities that strengthen communities online as positive engagement could reduce opportunities to engage in negative extremist behaviours. ”

The Goals for Day One of the Conference was allowing the voicesof civil society activists to be heard by policy-makers and politicians across Europe. Secondly to provide a space for civil society participants from across Europe to converse with one another and explore different initiatives taking place to create community cohesion and counter extremism. Finally to build a sustainable network for participants online to stay connected online.

MAV are hopeful for the future. We want to continue doing the work we do supporting local schools, youth offending services, prisons and providing counselling and mentoring. Please kindly make a donation. Just click on the Donate Now link. This will take you to our donation page. Thank You for all your support.

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