Ian Cameron Swanston

My Name is Ian Cameron Swanston; I am currently a MST Therapist for Action for Good Morning BritainChildren. In my role as a Therapist I seek to provide a atmosphere which will encourage parents to develop skills that last.

I am a trained facilitator in the Positive Parenting Programme Triple P. I am a qualified Person Centred Counsellor and I have provided support for people facing difficulties physical and emotional. I have supported counselling services in Oldham, Wigan and Manchester. I have completed training in Bereavement skills, Professional and Ethical Issues and Supporting People with Depression. 

In have served as Chairperson for Mothers Against Violence and now working as a trustee and secretary. I have produced delivered workshops and developed one with the support of MAV called “The Eight Principles of Successful Living!” the workshop helped young people and adults to self reflect and make changes to encourage life long change. I have also worked on projects that help people understand the pain of dealing with sudden death.

I feel Mother Against Violence is a charity that seek to provide help and support for communities left to deal with the devastating impact of violent acts of assault and murder. The members of MAV help provide support for young people and their parents.

My youngest brother was murdered in August 1999. I have talked openly about the impact of his murder on my life with the hope that it will bring about change for the better in my community.

Mr Ian Cameron Swanston

Email: ian@mavuk.org

Mobile Phone: 07984066771

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