Jackie Featherston

I became a volunteer for MAV in June 2004 this was just four months after I lost my eldest son Fabian to Gun crime. At the time I lost Fabian I was studying at Manchester Metropolitan University doing a degree in criminology and contemporary culture.  I lost my son while I was in my second year at University. I completed my degree and received a 2.2 BS Honours Degree. I was also awarded student of the year for completing my degree in such tragic circumstances.

I found a lot of my strength came in my dedication to doing my voluntary work for MAV. The work I did with disadvantaged young people who were either in a gang or in danger of becoming involved with gangs.  In my final year I completed a 15,000 dissertation on Manchester Gangs. It was through my work with MAV that I was able to interview gang members and ex-gang members who gave me a broader insight into their life of crime and drugs.

I continue to work with MAV six years after the loss of my eldest son. MAV is very unique in what we do. Many of our volunteers are educated to degree level and above. Many also hold down full time jobs and have family commitments but continue to play a vital role in MAV.

MAV is dedicated to improving the lives of young people. We try to revitalise peoples lives which in turn revitalises communities. MAV relies on the donations and funding awarded to us by those who empathise with our vision.  It is vital we access funding and receive donations as without this we are unable to support the communities we serve.

Statistics over the last five years show that there has been a massive decline in gun crime in Manchester and MAV have played a vital part in bringing gun crime death figures down.  Each young person’s life that we touch will help us reduce crime in Greater Manchester.

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  1. ian says:

    Jackie -Thank you for such a moving and inspiring testimony to the work of MAV -(Mothers Against Violence) The decrease in gun crime figures in our community over the past 11years of mav’s history is evidence of the work done in Manchester by a number of people. I believe mav has been the light in the darkness shining forth speaking out and working to affecting change in our Community and Nation.
    Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, and friends affected by the murders are working together in the organisation they have contributed in different ways to its success. These individuals have joined together to become part of the driving force for change in our Communities. “You are showing love in its purest form.”
    Evil will continue to increase when ‘Love’ decreases and those who do good do nothing. Each member of mav is part of the solution. “Jackie- your testimony inspires me” Thank you mav for the work you are doing. Keep up the good work!

  2. ian says:

    Thank Tracey for your words of support. I am aware of the growing issue of gun crime in London, and to think that inner city gun crime started in Manchester. There is hope for London and we are working to make changes for your city as well as ours. Please feel free to support the London Million Mothers Milling Event. For more details drop us an email.


  3. elaine crosby says:

    my heartfelt thoughts to all mothers who have been affected by these dreadfull crimes,as a mother of four sons my heart aches for you,though i think you are all tremendousin all you do with mav;myself and my partner mark, will be there tomorrow 13th july to give our support for all you do.mark writes poetry and may even get up and do a turn im sure,so may god bless you all,and we both look forward to meeting you all tomorrow evening.mwah mwah.

  4. ian says:

    Thank you, we look forward to see you at the event


  5. Claire Corrigan says:

    Hi Jackie,
    I’m in the Manchester area and need to get in touch with 3 gang members/ex gang members as part of my dissertation ASAP and was wondering if you could be of any help as to where to find these contacts?
    I’ll appreciate any help you may be able to provide.
    Many thanks,

  6. Martin fitzpatrick says:

    hey Jackie im Martin fitzpatrick I used to live on Searby Rd a few doors down from you we used to meet at the light outside Stuarts do you remember me x Martin

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