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House of Lords Vote for Patsy Mckie

We the undersigned, members of ‘The Big Society’, firmly believe that more than one view should be heard on the critical issue of law and order.

Following the elevation of Helen Newlove to the House of Lords as Government Champion for Active Safer Communities, we put forward Patsy Mckie of Mothers Against Violence, believing that she is entitled to an equal platform and equal recognition. Like Baroness Newlove, Patsy McKie has suffered personal tragedy – in her case when her son was murdered – and is a long time campaigner in the field.

Patsy Mckie, who is working to break the cycle of revenge and reoffending has a message of rehabilitation and reconciliation, holds very different views to those of Baroness Newlove. Her views – like those of Baroness Newlove, come with all the weight of personal experience and dedicated work in the field, deserve to be heard. We also believe that we, as members of ‘The Big Society’ deserve to have our say: and we vote for Patsy Mckie as our Champion. To vote click on the cross.

8 Responses to Vote Patsy Mckie

  1. patricia brown says:

    My son has been wrongful convicted at the age of 15 in 2007 to serve life for a murder he did not commit through the joint enterprise law. The case at the time was very much vilified by the press which meant we had no chance of a fair trial. Therefore it is refreshing to see that someone like yourself Pansy McKie has that understanding for we the voiceless, and we are being recognised as victims too.

    May God bless you on your journey to bringing a rightful balance for truth!

  2. ian says:

    Thank You for your support


    MAV Team

  3. David Ryan says:

    We need more people like Patsy to stand up and stnad out for what they believe in!

  4. Carl Montlake says:

    A women that never see’s bad in anybody and only wishes to help those less fortunate than herself.

  5. Thomas Riley says:

    Ive known Patsy for 5 years, one of the most beautiful, careless women i have ever met !

    Where can we vote ??

  6. HouseOfLords says:

    If you want to be a member of the House of Lords, you really need to be an MP first.

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