Making Children & Young People Matter (MCYPM)

Making Children & Young People Matter

The main aim of Mothers Against Violence is to work with young people to ensure they areMaking Children & Young People Matter safe sound and secure in their local communities. We also work to provide then with the support they need to establish themselves as fully integrated young people with the ability to enrich others. We believe children and young people matter now more than ever.

The MCYPM service emphasis on reaching new young people in the Manchester City areas. There is also  support for the young people in school providing by trained staff and volunteers from the local community. MCYPM select the most disadvantaged Children and Young People (CYP) many are not in education, employment or training (NEET). These CYP are supported with one to one support which will include mentor support and counselling provided by a qualified staff. MCYPM has a focus on the Every Child Matters (ECM) UK government initiative for England and Wales launched inHoly Name Primary School Walter Tull Class 3 2003 and the helps provide the base of programmes that encourage CYP to develop their work ethic. In addition to this MCYPM will also provide the parents of identified CYP the chance to take part in an evidence based parenting support programme. MAV currently have two evidenced based parenting practitioners working with the service. Manchester lost many aspects of parenting support during the first stage of government cuts in 2011 and parents of teens in Manchester have been with much less group or one to one support since the cuts. MAV are keen to bridge this gap helping parents to develop positive relationships with their young people. MAV understand the need to ensure young people are engaged with positive activities in the community as this reduces the needs to be involved with anti-social behaviours. Evidence shows home life is key to sustaining long-term change.

Since 2013  Building a New Generation (BANG) has aim to engage 30 young people eachYoung People at MCYPM Event year supporting them with Self Esteem, Goal Setting, employment and business mentoring. The project completes at least one weekend residential and will also have a talent event and celebration for CYP. MAV will promote the positive talents of young people with a central Manchester stage event which will showcase the talents of local people and allow inner-city young people to be seen in a positive light.

BANG has a key focus on the need for young people to develop positive experiences in their local community. BANG will ensure young people feel inspired to make a positive contribution in four key areas which we believe meet the aims and objectives of the Youth Aspiration fund.

Preventing Involvement in Serious and Organised Crime & Reducing Offending

MCYPM provides a platform for development for local young people living in the urban Support Our Children & Young People environment where there are often many prevention barriers. Some parts of the local area suffers from serve deprivation and has been ranked as the most deprived across England (Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2010) MCYPM reduce this deprivation by providing local young people with the skills experience and tools to enable better life chances. This have a wider impact on the local urban environment as more young people are engaging in more positive activity which then reduces forms of deprivation such as low income, unemployment and poor education. 

Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Exploitation 

MCYPM have completed workshops which provide a space to help girls explore positive ways in which to develop self-esteem. MAV are encouraged by the research from Supporting Young Girls  evidenced based parenting programmes that show children are more likely to have better attitudes to issues such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, sexual diseases, exercise, fitness and diet when they live in a home with positive parent child relationships. (Parenting Research Centre 2012 Annual Report) MCYPM complete activities which include exercise. BANG aim to extended on the current provision by introducing new dance classes providing an opportunity for young people to learn and develop a new skill as well as keep fit. The funding will cover hire space and dance instructors cost and will have the capacity to increase numbers in the MAV dance group. MAV will also use service to sign post beneficiaries to local services that will support health and well-being needs.

There are four areas in which MCYPM focus.

  • Keeping Young People Safe
  • Mental Health & Well Being
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Personal Development & Goal Setting

The MCYPM have been regularly supported with funding from Awards for All since 2010 when MAV became a registered charity.

Patsy Mckie said; MCYPM was birthed as a result of pain and the increase in a number of young men being murdered in our community. A march was organised to raisePatsy Mckie MAV Founder awareness and also to address the young men who were causing fear in the community with gang wars. After some consultation with local people MAV felt it was important to work with our local authority and use the “Every Child Matters Framework” to be a guide to what we wanted to achieve. MAV questioned local people and services to young people and children asking “If you believe every child matter, how do you show every child matters?” We felt it was important to do something to show as a group how we will make children and young people matter in our community.