Referral Service – Substance Misuse

Since August 1999 Mothers Against Violence (MAV) have supported the inner city communities of Greater Manchester. MAV was born at a time when gun violence was at it worst in the inner city community of Manchester. Three young black males were murdered in the space of eight days in one community. The mothers of that community took a stand and came out fighting not with guns but with words of Hope. It is with this same hope that Mothers Against Violence now serves the community providing mentoring support, educational awareness of gun and knife crime, substance misuse, counselling, workshops, and outreach work which includes campaigning for positive change in our community. At Mothers Against Violence 2011 Annual General Meeting, the Chairperson also expressed the need to extend MAV services to meet the needs of those in the community who are dealing with issues of substance misuse. MAV feel established enough to extend its’ services to give the much needed support to the families most affected by such issues and are well aware of the strong links drug misuse has with gun and knife crime. Julie Boyle who has a vast amount of knowledge in regards to supporting those who are impacted by substance.      

Julie Boyle (BSocSc, MRes) Trustee of Mothers Against Violence, has previously worked on various research projects for the School of Law in the University of Manchester and has a wide range of academic research experience including issues of substance misuse. This will be vital in providing a reputable evidence base on the data required to provide a holistic, up to date service which engages directly with those involved with substance misuse.

As a substance misuse referral and assessment service, MAV intend to promote and raise awareness around recovery. We will be supporting people to recover within the community, enhancing their social capital and links to their community. This will be achieved by engaging with services, schools, colleges, youth clubs, community and voluntary associations in order to provide accurate information, alongside education and support for service users. We aim to provide a holistic service to drug users and those affected by substance misuse, identifying a variety of groups who are affected by substance misuse (e.g. students, sex workers, offenders, problematic drug and substance misusers).  Offering an alternative lifestyle in developing projects for clients to manage and run (e.g. poetry nights, music festivals). The community will benefit by its young people having awareness of issues surrounding drug use and its harmful effects and reduce pressure to engage in drug taking. MAV substance misuse service will offer a person centred approach to tackling drug dependency and the harm caused to the community as well as reintegrating drug users into their community. Our aims include:

  • Conducting research in order to identify substance misuse populations
  • Exploring links between gangs, related substance misuse and gun and knife crime
  • Early intervention and support for young people and families
  • Intensive support for young people
  • Education and awareness for young people
  • Housing support
  • Employment opportunities


Contact Office: 0161 2268134

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