Making Children & Young People Matter 2017

MAV Working to Support the Local Community 

Mothers Against Violence (MAV) are back planning for our Annual Event Making Children & Young People Matter. The event will be held on 15th July 2017 in Piccadilly Gardens Manchester from 1pm until 7pm. It is a Free Family fun Day  and this year we will be having Semi-Finalist Michelle John from ITV “The Voice” as our special guest singer. Michelle will share her story at the event supporting MAV’s commitment to none violence. There events key themes will be “I believe the children are the future.”

MAV Hulme Hall Projects 

MAV have completed several activities over the past few months. We have also been busy working with Manchester City Council completing the handover of Hulme Hall. Hulme Hall has been a community resource for more than 14 years. It had been considered for closure by Manchester City Council due to high running cost. The Hall was put out for tender as part of the local authorities bid to engage community groups with managing community resources. MAV completed a successful bid for the management and gained the lease of Hulme Hall.We have worked with the local council  to ensure the Hall remains open and local groups continue to have access to this valuable community resource. Hulme Hall will now be run under a community management lease. MAV have now successfully agreed terms and conditions of the lease which should see us managing Hulme Hall until 2022. Planning for the takeover has taken much longer than we had planned, each stage seemed to bring new challenges. However, we are now coming to the end of the process and we hope that it will all be worth the wait, for the charity and for the many local groups who will use the Hall in the future. We do hope to complete some development work on the Hall.

We are currently looking at funding opportunities to sustain the long-term plans for the Hall, we do hope we can secure funding by January 2018. MAV will provide a low cost venue for community groups in the local area. Bookings for the Hall will be completed online and through the MAV website. We will also take bookings by email and phone. More details will follow. Please feel free to contact us should you be  interested in making a booking. See below for current contact details.

Phone: 0161 226 8134  Email:  

MAV Youth Residential  

MAV completed a residential weekend December 2016. It took place in London with young people from the local community. The weekend included a MAV workshop developed by ACCESS Lead Ian Swanston. The workshop called the Eight Principles of Successful Living focused on the young people working together to achieve a common goal. The aim was to enable delegates to identify key areas in their lives which are impacted by the principles and how to stay in control emotionally if ever facing hostility in the playground or the street . The key objectives were to gain an understanding of the eight principals of successful living and recognize the value of each principle and identify tangible examples of ways in which these can be demonstrated in everyday life. The young people then developed an action plan, aligned to each principle, to build upon the lessons learned at the workshop and strengthen the areas covered by the principles.

The group also completed a theatre trip to see The Lion King in central London. The story of the Lion cub Simba in the story Lion King was a reflective assessment of all Eight Principles talked through in the workshop. The young people found the experience very enjoyable and because of this many felt the weekend was too short and said it needed to be longer. They found the link between the workshop and the theatre trip was very helpful as they could reflect and see examples of the eight principles through the story of Simba in the Lion King story.

Some of the additional feedback given by the children during the evaluation of the residential weekend is highlighted below.

” I liked working with others in the group game activities during the workshops. I learnt something new”  (Micah)

”I loved the hotel and traveling to London, I had never been to see the Lion King so it was all good for me”  (Tequila)

”MAV are really good they help us learn about how to manage our feelings and not be violent to other people” (Taya)       

”I wanted to do it all over again we learnt about keeping the peace. We had good food and good company it was all good, it was just too short”  (Aqua)


MAV are currently working on securing more funding to give opportunities to more young people to attended what seemed to be a very positive experience. All the young people on the residential weekend were experiencing a theatre production for the first time. MAV are keen to give young people in the local community new experiences which will inspire them to seek greater opportunities for themselves. We believe new experiences provide young people with the chance to think about new things they can do in the future. The young people were able to complete a dance during the weekend which was motivated by music from the production of The Lion King. The dance will be preformed at this years Making Children & Young People Annual Event 15th July 2017 in Piccadilly Gardens Manchester. See poster above for more details.

MAV Mentoring, Counselling & Mental Health Support      

There were also workshops held at schools across Manchester. Patsy Mckie shared her story of the loss of her son who was murdered almost 18 years ago. Patsy helped and encouraged young students to think about positives ways they could improve their local communities. MAV’s focus for the past year has been “I Matter U Matter” this was the theme of last year’s Making Children & Young People Event. I Matter U Matter (IMUM) mentored 35 Children and Young People (CYP) living in the inner city of Manchester. IMUM secured funding for 18 months.  Awards for All and the Youth Aspiration Fund were the two funders who supported the project. The funding started in September 2015 and is now coming to an end. The CYP were selected through a referral process which saw high schools and youth offending teams along with MAV’s Making Children & Young People Matter Project select disadvantaged CYP, some of which were not in education, employment or training. These CYP were supported with one to one support such as mentoring, counselling and coaching. The aim of the project was to provide more specialists support for CYP emotionally and mentally.  The IMUM was also keen to look  at how youth are affected by radicalism,  MAV are aware of the local and national rise in young people being radicalised as a result of extremism, the charity has local experience of this issue and has recently been actively engaging with local young people and the Home Office to address some of the issues that are raising national concern. Recently MAV have been invited by the Home Office to be part of the government’s response to this growing concern.

MAV committed part of the IMUM funding to help address mental health issues. MAV has invested in IT development for the counselling service ensuring counselling and mentoring support can be offered online and over the phone. MAV are getting a higher number of counselling support referrals from outside of Manchester. We are now offering counselling support over the phone and using Skype to engage with people in need of support. The A Community Counselling & Emotional Support Services (ACCESS) has reviewed the way it currently provides community based support and has now increased counselling sessions off site. This year more sessions were offered in the community over the phone and online than at the MAV counselling office.  There was a significant reduction in support offered in house or onsite. The review of this will continue until the end of 2017 and ACCESS will bring a report to the MAV management committee for them to make a final decision on how the counselling services will deliver the majority of counselling support in the future.

MAV Encouraged by Royal Promotion   

IMUM have worked with CYP promoting and developing performance skills which include dance, music, poetry and song writing skills. Many of the young people  we have supported over the years will be joining us on 15th July 2017 at the Making Children and Young People Matter Event (details above).  IMUM had 5 key areas in which the project was designed to address. One area is young peoples Mental Health & Wellbeing. MAV was encouraged by the younger members of the Royal Family that were promoting improved mental health with the “The Heads Together” campaign. The Daily Mail reported that a spokesman for William, Kate and Harry said: ‘Through their work with young people, emergency response, homeless charities, and with veterans, their royal highnesses have seen time and time again that unresolved mental health problems lie at the heart of some of our greatest social challenges. ‘They are passionate about tackling the stigma surrounding the issue. ‘Too often, they have seen that people feel afraid to admit that they are struggling with their mental health. ‘This fear of prejudice and judgment stops people from getting help and can destroy families and end lives. They want to help change the national conversation.’ A spokesman for the three Royals said the three are ‘incredibly grateful to be working with charities who have achieved so much in the fight against the stigma that surrounds the issue’.

Read more below on Daily Mail Website.

MAV Business Development Success    

MAV Trustees completed a review on individuals that benefited from Business Development Education Training Programme (BDETP) in 2016. BDETP helped 4 people returning to the community after being in prison set up their own business. The BDETP helps people with an offending past who find it challenging to get employment when they have left prison and seek alternative ways of ensuring they are able to earn a salary. This reduces the need to returning to criminal activity.  MAV interviewed the beneficiaries  5 -7 months after they had received mentoring support from the BDETP. This gave MAV a clear view of how sustainable the BDETP is in ensuring these young businesses succeed in the first 6 months after being registered. One business established reviewed was based in Liverpool. Craig had his business idea while in prison and accessed the BDETP when he was coming to the end of his sentence. He first met with his BDETP mentor Carl Montlake when he was out on day release. Craig was keen for MAV to share his story as he found the BDETP support was key to him being able to succeed. Craig is the owner of Accra & Faust Diamonds which is a high end watch and jewellery shop in the heart of Liverpool city centre. The idea was formed in prison and Craig started studying while in prison to ensure he was ready to start his plan as soon as he left prison.

Craig said; Having the idea was the start but keeping yourself motivated and the dream alive while you are in prison was the challenge. I found the mentoring support BDETP provided key to my success. Meeting with his MAV mentor who understood the challenges and was willing and able to help me through was absolutely priceless. If it was not for Carl’s knowledge and his understanding of my position it could not have worked for me. BDETP was right there for me when I needed to talk through anything Carl would be there. He took me through a clear programme of support and was a key motivator.  

Craig will be joining us at the Making Children & Young People Matter Event on the 15th July 2017 in Piccadilly Gardens to share his story on stage. We look forwards to welcoming him at the event. Please see poster above.

MAV need your Donations

A MAV Making Children and Young People Matter T-Shirt is available for £6.50. We will also send any online donation made over £50.00 a free T-Shirt. Donation must be made before 15th August 2017 to receive a free T-shirt. T-shirt will be on sale from 1st June 2017. To make an order please contact us using contact details below.  We will be more than happy to reserve a T-shirt  for you. We have sizes in small, medium, Large & Extra Large.

MAV are always looking for opportunities to get the community together to raise funds. We were at our ASDA local supermarket bag packing and raising funds at the end of last year. It was great to have MAV volunteers come out and support the bag packing. We would also like to thank ASDA for their continued support with are fund raising events. MAV will also be collecting funds on the 15th July 2017 at our Making Children and Young People Matter Event.

MAV have also secured further fund from Awards for All for 2017. We are continuing to consider other funders who would support the work we do in our local community.

Should you wish to support the charity then please head to our donation page click on Donate Now button above or if you would like to get in touch then please contact us using MAV contact details below.

Phone: 0161 226 8134


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