Patricia Regan


A Tribute to the Late Patricia Regan better known as Pat.

I first met Pat at an event organized by Lucy Cope in a London Park in the summer of 2003. We spent most of the time together discussing the issues that had brought us together. Initially it was the issue of gun crime that had impacted our families which gave us commonality. A number of the women in the group  had been affected by the same experiences. Our time spent together was fruitful and we left London with the same desire to work together for the good of our communities. We wanted to see change for the better for the young men in our communities. Our purpose and vision was cemented. The bond we made that day could only be broken by death.

After the event, our relationship developed further as we communicated by phone and shared joint events.  As a result of this bond between us Mothers Against Violence in Leeds was born.

Pat shared her hopes dreams and aspirations, she loved to talk and was open and transparent, she shared her weaknesses never her strengths. Pat took responsibilities for the mistakes she made, she was a breath of fresh air. Pat shared the difficulties she was experiencing developing MAV in Leeds. She wanted to spend the rest of her life helping others who were victims of gun crime. She had our support and she worked over and above her call of duty. One of the things that impressed me about Pat was her ability to recognise the influence she had on her family. At times she would blame herself for some of the negative behaviours but failed to congratulate herself for positive impacts she had made in her family.

Pat was never afraid of sharing her thoughts, no matter whose company she was in whether it was with the Prime Minister or the Home Secretary. She longed for a better Community she was a joyful person and had a strong character. Her strength and courage was enormous. Pat was supported by a number of individuals.

Mothers Against Violence would like to say a heart felt “Thank You!” We would like to thank Pat’s family who we know she loved so very much. Without the support of her family and friends the task would have been much greater for her. MAV will not forget the contribution Pat made to Mothers Agianst Violence.

Pat we salute you and miss you.


Mrs Patsy Mckie

MAV Founder Member


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  1. Wayne Brown says:

    I produce documentaries, in nov 2007 I filmed an exclusive video of pat regan from Mothers against violence who lost her own son to gun crime the footage I filmed is hard hitting, emotional and thought provoking and it has never been seen 
    I have had a look at the campaign you are doing and believe the interview i did with pat regan who sadly passed away in ….would only serve to further highlight the impact of gun crime and the impact it has on families and the wider community. If you are Interested in viewing the footage i have please do not hesitate to contact me on the details shown

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