MAV’s Hulme Community Hall – STAGE ONE

Hulme Community Hall has been under the management of MAV for 2 years. Since August 2017 the hall has gone through an internal transformation. In recent months MAV has invested in an online support website which is helping take care of bookings. The previous online booking process was reported as difficult and reviews came back as overall poor.  MAV has now invested time and resources in ensuring the process is made much easier. If you have not had a look at the new booking website, please do visit the website and see new features. We hope the investment will make your online booking process much easier. Take a moment to click on the photo below to check out the website and MAV’s great new community influenced prices, which ensure we consider most budgets.

STAGE ONE – Hulme Hall Renovation

Before (above) and after photographs of New MCYPM Space
Before (above) and after photographs of New Walter Tull Room for counselling, youth group access and community hire.

Mothers Against Violence have built strong relationships in our local community with schools, colleges, police, local churches and Manchester city council services. However, MAV has always had the strongest links with other community groups. As MAV take the time to look back at a 20-year history, we are most proud of the relationships we have with local people. We believe it is these relationships which gives the charity a proven track record of delivering what local people need.

In July 2018 MAV’s Making Children & Young People Matter Project celebrated 10 years of the annual Making Children & Young People Matter Event. MAV continues to have a firm commitment to young people in the community and are currently developing a new project which will provide a place for young people supporting their mental health. The service will work across Greater Manchester. More about this project development will be shared here on the website soon.

STAGE ONE of the Hulme Hall project is currently making positive headway. MAV will now have a Making Children & Young People (MCYPM) Activity Space at Hulme Hall. The activity space will be fully operational in November 2019 and will provide free access space for children, providing counselling and therapeutic interventions. It will also provide a place for looked after children to have their contact visits with their parents. We apologise that our commitment to developing the new project has taken us away from communicating with you on the website and social media. However, we are now back on track and hope to keep you updated with the progress of the renovation and delivery of workshops.

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund Project and the Clothworkers’ Foundation who have supported MAV’s 2018 project with funding, the Looking Back & Moving Forward project has not only provided a new space, the new space has been influenced by young people and new police officers. MAV delivered workshops which allowed the views and thoughts of students from Levenshulme High School, Wright Robinson College and new recruit police officers from Greater Manchester Police to influence what would take place in the new MCYPM space. The workshops looked at the history of MAV and its local community, it also addresses the historic issues of gun crime and the current issues of knife crime. The knowledge gained from the workshops provided a clear direction of what is needed in the new MCYPM Space. MAV will continue to deliver the project in the coming months. MAV also look forward to the formal opening of the new MCYPM space at Hulme Hall on 26th October 2019. The new area at the hall is linked to the Walter Tull room which has also been renovated and will provide additional meeting space for MAV groups and the local community.

Before (above) and after photographs of £16,000 Kitchen Renovation now completed and fully funded by the Clothworkers’ Foundation

Hulme Hall Projects is a result of the community’s need for flexible low-cost hire space. The areas in which we operate have large numbers of minority groups who are often more at risk of been marginalised from mainstream services due to barriers such as language, religion, culture and fear. This is often because mainstream services do not always understand the challenges of these local people. MAV Hulme Community Hall identifies groups most at risk of exclusion. The hall will not only be an alternative low-cost community building but will provide Children & Young People (CYP) with ways to make a positive contribution to the local community. The Hall will ensure CYP have free access to the hall. The transformation of the kitchen area at the Hall has been the most costly part of the project to date. The total budget was £16,000. However, it has gained high praise from users and has also increased user access by 40% for celebration event hire. The total budget of the kitchen was covered by Clothworkers’ Foundation Funding. The kitchen will also help to engage CYP with free cooking activities which will, in turn provide engagement opportunities with local senior citizens from the African Caribbean Care Group, they access support next door to the hall at the Claremont Centre. The business model for the hall does not see profits made from hire at this stage. However, all money will be invested back into the hall as part of a long-term sustainability plan. The hall will create a lasting legacy with further investment and new project ideas which will provide employment opportunities in year three. MAV are currently looking into community project funding for STAGE TWO of the project.

STOP & REACH Project

STOP & REACH is a positive alternative to STOP & SEARCH helping build positive relationships with young people.

MAV are pleased to have completed STAGE ONE of Hulme Hall in the timescale allocated for renovation. We have also been able to do this without much disruption to services. The kitchen area, new Walter Tull Room and MCYPM Activity Space have had complete makeovers and all for good reason. Now with separate access to the small rooms, the hall is now ready to engage young people to a new project STOP & REACH which has been funded by National Lottery Community Fund. MAV is pleased to have been awarded part of the 65 million given to community groups across England. The additional funding from High Sheriff Police Trust provides additional support for counselling, mentoring, business development and employment support for STOP & REACH. Many of the beneficiaries of the STOP & REACH project will be young people Not be in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). MAV is still seeking to secure funding for the mental health part of the STOP & REACH Project.

The aim of STOP & REACH is to provide specialists support for Children & Young People (CYP) emotionally and mentally. MAV’s operational areas cover inner city of Manchester. These areas are impacted by a range of social problems arising from forms of deprivation including health, employment, income and environment, which all impact on local people, acting as a barrier preventing change or progression. A core problem that is common in local areas is high levels of crime. Local areas have been ranked in the top 10% of areas worse affected in England (Indices of Deprivation). These areas have been plagued with anti-social behaviours including knife crime which has had devastating impacts on the community. The STOP & REACH Project is a direct intervention which provides an alternative approach to the police stop and search, which has a focus on challenging possible criminal activity. The STOP & REACH looks at engaging young people before they get involved with crime by introducing pro-social activities. STOP & REACH will provide CYP with alternatives ways to make positive contribution to the local community.

New film will explore MAV’s 20 year history and encourage young film makers.

As part of the 20-year celebrating MAV are working with a local film producer who will complete a history film which will provide MAV with historical evidence and provide an educational short film for engaging young people. We are pleased that James Twyman from Black Card Production will also complete workshops with young people exploring the art of positive film making using a smartphone

In addition to the funding secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Clothworkers’ Foundation. we have secured local funding from Greater Manchester Police which includes High Sheriff Police Trust and Proceeds of Crime Funding. MAV has also secured funding from MAV’s largest funder, the newly named The National Lottery Community Fund. The support has totalled £55,000. This truly makes the work we are doing so much easier and will provide projects with sustainability long after funds have finished.


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MAV’s 20th YEAR! Awards & Celebration

Patsy Mckie Pride of Manchester

The Pride of Manchester Award Winners. They included Patsy Mckie and Bryn Hughes. Patsy and Bryn used the lost of their children to help others in Manchester.

In September 2019 MAV will celebrate 20 years of service to its local community and the wider community. The Pride of Manchester Awards came to Manchester on 8th May 2019. MAV was pleased to hear that Patsy Mckie would be one of the first people to receive this honour. The awards were given by the Committee of Manchester Honorees which included The Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham. Patsy’s was honoured for a founder member of Mothers Against Violence and for her continued service to the charity Mothers Against Violence and her community. Patsy’s work includes pastoral support at a Manchester college and working as a community radio presenter. Patsy was given her Special Recognition Award by BBC Breakfast duo Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt who stayed up to present Patsy with her Pride of Manchester Award. Naga and Charlie used their time on stage to praise the work of Patsy they said; reporting on violence is one thing but seeking to change it after such loss takes remarkable courage. Patsy has worked for 20 years for the Manchester-based charity Mothers Against Violence.

Patsy McKie with BBC Breakfast duo Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt who stayed up to present Patsy with her Pride of Manchester Award.

The Manchester Evening News reported; After her son was shot dead amid spiralling gang violence in Manchester, Patsy set up ‘Mothers Against Violence’ to help keep other young people safe.

Patsy’s youngest son Dorrie was killed in August 1999, weeks before he was due to start a sports and leisure course at college. The 20-year-old was not directly involved in gangs and had never been in trouble with the police. Patsy set up Mothers Against Violence to support other mothers whose children were victims, or are at risk of gang violence, Mothers Against Violence is now in its twentieth year, and provides mentoring, educational awareness of gun and knife crime, counselling and support for young people to find work or start businesses.

Bryn Hughes whose daughter PC Nicola Hughes was murdered in 2012.

Patsy was honoured with other Pride of Manchester Award winners, this included  Bryn Hughes whose daughter PC Nicola Hughes was murdered in 2012. Bryn a former prison officer could have crumbled after his daughter’s murder, but he did not. Bryn launched the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund, raising money with challenges such as the North Pole Marathon in 2014 and the New York Marathon in 2016. In 2019 Bryan is organising ‘A Run to Remember’. Bryn has already raised £300,000.  Bryn and his family shared a table at the event with Patsy and her family and a good friend. Bryn and Patsy were able to share in the experience together. MAV paid tribute to PC Nicola Hughes and many other victims of murder on 14th July 2018 at the 10th anniversary year of MAV’s Annual Event Making Children and Young People Matter.

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Looking Back & Moving Forward

Making Children & Young People Matter 2018 Event 

On 14th July 2018 MAV will celebrate its 10th Annual Making Children & Young People Matter Event. It will take place in Manchester’s Piccadilly Garden’s. The Event will celebrate 10- years of working with young people in the local community and the reduction of gun crime in the inner-city of Manchester. It will also pay tribute to those we have lost as a result of gun, knife, and the terrorist attack in Manchester. This years event will bring together stage show acts from the past 10 stage events, which have all taken place in the city centre of Manchester. The first event was held in Manchester’s Albert Square in 2009. The event moved to Piccadilly Garden’s in 2013 and this became home for the event. MAV have made the difficult decision of making the 10th Anniversary Event the final city centre event. In 2019 we will have a new Making Children & Young People Matter Event which will take place at Hulme Community Hall, which is MAV new building. MAV will deliver support services from Hulme Community Hall, it is also available for hire to the general public, with free session available to young people, and reduced sessions for some local groups. Please click on the word link to visit our booking page.

Looking Back to the first Event in 2009

In 2009 Manchester City Council Cover the total cost of the event which took place on 23rd August. We are hoping Manchester City Council will cover the cost of this anniversary event. MAV applied for Manchester Event Funding in January 2018. We are still awaiting an outcome. Due to a communication technicality which Manchester city council have acknowledge was their error MAV’s application review was delayed and an outcome was not agreed. We are still awaiting the outcome. It would be great to see Manchester City Council support MAV last city centre event, as it did in 2009 when the event started. We will keep you update. on outcome. MAV have secured funding for the event from the Heritage Lottery Fund, this has allowed us to cover the cost of promotion, we also have a loan from funds raised from Hulme Community Hall  to help us until we are able to secure funds. We did not want to cancel the event due to funding we are confident all cost will be covered. In 2009 there was a need to highlighted inner city issues as local people were suffering the impact of gun crime. MAV wanted to ensure local budgets would priorities children. MAV also wanted to continue making Every Child Matter.  MAV was keen to make local government evidence the impact of the change in children and young people living in the inner-city of Manchester. At part of the event, there was a planned march which started at All Saints Park, Oxford Road, Manchester and ended at Albert Square. The march was later called Million Mothers Milling and took place before all of the Albert Square Making Children & Young People Matter Events.

The move to Piccadilly and the changes made to local marches in the city prevented MAV from continuing the march through the city centre. However, this gave the planning committee more time to focus on the stage event making it bigger and better. In 2013 the first event held in Piccadilly Gardens Manchester, Manchester had a sun-filled day and the Making Children & Young People had the largest attended audience of its history, over 800 people attended and the show went down as one of the most successful Making Children & Matter Events. We are planning to top this number this year. We are currently experiencing a sun-filled summer in Manchester and we hope this will ensure people are out in high numbers and in high spirit (non-alcoholic please). The 2018 event will have some amazing guests who have all been part of the 10-year history, as well as new performers. MAV are pleased to welcome back Manchester Inspirational Voice Choir. The choir will close the show with a memorial tribute for lives lost over the past 10 years to violent crime in the city. This will include those lost to acts of terrorism. Temiah will also perform Temiah has graced the stage more times than any other singer. She has been on the performers list a total of 5 times over the 10-year history of the event. We are also happy to have Jsky back. It is always great to have someone who has continued to make music and develop their craft as Jsky has over the past few years. We are pleased to announce an additional artist who has confirmed her attendance, after performing in London’s Westend theatre Thriller Live, Ione is the events final announced guest performer. Ione will open the Making Children & Young People Matter Event. Please don’t miss her performance, get there at 1pm when everything will start with a countdown.

The events celebration t-shirt will be sent free to all those making a donation to Mothers Against Violence between the 14th July 2018 and 14th September 2018. Please follow the link below to make a donation. The t-shirt will also be on sale and will cost £5.00. It is available in a number of sizes, small, medium, large and Ex-Large. Also for our final year we are using all the colours we have used over the past 10 years. So it is available in the MAV logo colours, black, white and red. All money raised will go to the Looking Back & Moving Forward Project.

To make a Donation to Mothers Against Violence clicking on the Donate Now Link below. We will ensure your money will support the Looking Back & Moving forward Events. They will start after the launch of Looking Back & Moving Forward on 14th July 2018.

Should you wish to support one of MAV other programmes please don’t hesitate in making this clear when you donate. We will be sure to ensure your donation supports the project you wish your funds to support. Thanks in advance.

Looking Back & Moving Forward 

Mothers Against Violence (MAV) are pleased to be completing two years of official celebration. The charity is in its 18th Year and plans are underway to have a celebration book published in the new year. The booking will cover MAV’s 18-year history and will feature stories from those founder members who set the foundation of the charity. The Looking Back & Moving Forward Project will allow MAV to look back at an 18-year history which has changed the face of the local community. MAV has changed lives and more importantly saving lives. Looking Back & Moving Forward project delivery will be funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We are so pleased to have the Heritage Lottery fund onboard with this local history project. Capital Fund for the development of Hulme Community Hall will be supported by Clothworkers’ Foundation they have seen and supported MAV’s vision, Clothworkers’ Foundation understands the project need. Both funders have worked with us before and we are really looking forward to having their support again.

MAV is in the first year of development of a new community engagement project which is Hulme Community Hall (HCH), MAV’s new lease building is key to developing low-cost space for community groups and free space for youth engagement projects which includes a week-long free to access summer school and evening activities to engage young people. Looking Back & Moving Forward (LBMF) is a new project for 2018 and will allow MAV to build a new foundations for activities taking place at HCH for young people. MAV have worked with young people in the local inner city area of Manchester since 1999 providing educational and employment support. In addition to this MAV have also provided, free counselling and mentoring with the ACCESS Project for young people and their families. MAV work with local schools, probation services and prisons delivering workshop which focus on the impact of violence which includes gun, knife and gang-related crime. Mothers who have been victims of such crimes share their stories in local schools and colleges, this helps young people see the impact caused by these acts of violence. The overriding response from young people is positive, evidence from previous feedback show MAV’s workshops reduce and prevent acts of violence by ensuring children and young people choose positive activities and better manage issues of anger and conflict. The workshops also allow young people to develop skills to be positive leaders, creating opportunities to make better choices in developing friendships. MAV are pleased to report 85% of young people MAV work with report MAV workshops provides them with skills to ensure they are safe within the community and provide preventative measures to deescalate conflict at the earliest opportunities.

Interestingly MAV has now been around for the lifetime of all young people in Manchester of educational school age. The LBMF is a celebratory project and will provide learning as well as celebrate the achievements of the charity. HCH is one of those achievements. There is a need for additional activities in the local area to reduce anti-social behaviours in the community. The inner city still has high levels of anti-social problems and sadly knife crime is on the increase on a national scale. MAV are pleased to see our local work has reduced overall gun crime in the inner city of Manchester. HCH will extend opportunities for LBMF and future projects to impact the national issues of knife and gang related crime.

At the end of the LBMF Workshops, an evaluation will be completed. This process is completed in a group session and also with evaluation forms. This will help with developing future projects.

LBMF Workshops are completed in 6 hours (One School or Educational Day)

The beneficiaries will:

1. Increased access to historic activities in the local community
2. Local people engaging in local history activities
3. Reduced anti-social behaviours due to increased positive engagement
4. Volunteering opportunities for local people during the summer
5. Research project work for local Manchester University Bases Students
6. Improved access to historic local community space
7. Improved local educational resources: Published Book & Online Information

The LBMF will also give the project a new focus for Making Children & Young People Matter Events in the future. There will be a new Making Children & Young People Matter Event which will have a local focus and will be directed more at children and young people engaging over a week-long period, rather than just one day.

MAV is always looking for volunteers please get in touch if you would like to work with us on this project or any of the others.

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Big Lottery Funded Work Again Road Map (WARM) Project

Work Again Road Map (WARM) 2017 So Far….

WARM is a new project which promotes the eradication of violence and seek to relieve our local communities of the effects of violence by supporting people into employment, education and training. WARM advances the education of the public concerning issues of violence in particular anti-social behaviour which includes gun, knife and gang related crime and its impact upon those affected by it. WARM is working to assist local people in the city of Manchester and their families to find meaningful training, employment or work experience while working in partnership with other relevant voluntary/community groups or charitable institutions. WARM provides support for Schools, Youth Offending Teams, Probation and Prison Services. The project is currently raising funds with the help of funding grants, donations and fundraising events. However  there is a long team plan to be self sustainable.

WARM has a key focus on ex-offender’s rehabilitation, settlement and mental health. The programme provides support in developing knowledge and understanding the employment market and prepares beneficiaries for job interviews. MAV already has experience in supporting those held in prison and those who are going through the rehabilitation process. Many have questioned why a service which was set up to support victims of gun crime is interested in supporting perpetrators of crime. MAV believe that many of those held in prison are often victims too; victims of a poor society which has often failed to provide positive learning experiences in the early years. MAV have provided service for 12 years to those in prison the support has included a letter writing service, workshops and support for the prisons therapeutic community.

We have gained many recommendations for our work in the community. We received the Volunteer’s Community Award from the Queen in 2004. MAV not only has strong relationships with the prison service but also with GMP police, Youth Offending Teams and we also had a place on the Home Office’s Round Table for Gun and Knife Crime from  2004 -2008. Recently we have developed relationships with services which provide an alternative to reoffending behaviours through business, education and employment development.

MAV have worked with an experienced advisor who has works closely with offenders who are seeking employment training. WARM is working with young people leaving school and college or those who have not completed formal education or are considered Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) these vastly unsupported group have higher chance of been enticed into criminal activity.

MAV Founder Member Patsy Mckie speaking at this year Making Children & Young People Matter (MCYPM) Event (which was attended by Guest Singer Michelle John Semi-Finalist of 2017 The Voice) said;

WARM is a community incentive. The project has already helped young people by linking them to a mentor who supports them into employment. I have watched them move from hopelessness to success using the WARM mentoring programme of support. MAV will be celebrating these achievement at our 2017 Annual General Meeting. This year we  will celebrate 18 years of MAV, and the grand opening of MAV Hulme Hall. The MCYPM Event has brought together all the work we have done throughout the year. WARM is a key part of this, further investment is needed to ensure WARM succeeds. The trustees of the charity are working with the local community to ensure success happens.             

WARM’s project objective is to give reformed ex-offenders and those NEET young people, employment mentoring, through training, education and one to one personal development sessions. WARM will also provide additional long-term support which will include mentoring, counselling and life coaching this will help to ensure sustainability for those completing the programme. MAV will invest in the service finically as we believe this helps us establish ownership. WARM has raised funds for the initial one year trial with the support of Big Lottery Fund.  MAV have also complete sponsored events and charity collections. MAV have raised funds for many of our services in this way and we are confident we can rise any additional funding throughout the year in order to ensure WARM is completed and a full assessment of the project is conducted by March 2018.

MAV is using its current referral process with prisons, youth offending services and colleges in the local area. WARM will help participants gain an understanding of working environment and provide support, encouragement and job opportunity for ex-offenders, youth offenders and those considered as NEET.

MAV Hulme Hall Seven Year Lease Completed

MAV have completed the lease for Hulme Hall as part of the WARM Project commitment. It was vital to WARM that we had a building in which projects and workshops could be delivered. MAV made the Hulme Hall lease part of the main outcomes for the WARM Project. We are pleased that the lease has now been agreed between Manchester City Council and Mothers Against Violence.

Hulme Hall will remain a community resource and will be a venue for hire in the local community. MAV are keen to invest time and money into Hulme Hall to ensure that the venue is good quality and highly competitive in the local area. Hulme Hall will have it’s own booking page on MAV website in October 2017

MAV will continue to seek additional funding for the WARM so that the project is able to be comfortably delivered at Hulme Hall. Plans include new tables, chairs and kitchen fittings. These will also be available for hire making the overall project cost effective and profitable. The development of Hulme Hall will ensuring greater opportunities are given to those who have lived in our community.

WARM will encourage those taking part in the support programme to aim for personal success and achieve positive change in their personal development. MAV Hulme Hall will address additional need in the community as it puts particular attention on easy access to venues in the community.

Next Step for WARM 

MAV plan to work closely with Local Charity Re:vision. Re:vision is a charity set up by a local business Procure Plus. Procure Plus and MAV have had several meetings to plan future developments to work together. Re-vision are encouraged by MAV’s vision and have expressed interest in support us with employment opportunities for participants and support with the overall development of the project. MAV and Re:vision have many of the same aims and objectives which link us to supporting those who are finding it difficult competing in the job market. WARM will regularly conduct feedback of experiences on aspects of the projects; beneficiaries will be asked to evaluate the process of learning throughout the programme. The final result of such evaluations will has a large influence on the project development.

MAV need your Donations

Should you wish to support the WARM Project or any other services the charity deliver, please head to our donation page. Just click on Donate Now button blow.

If you would rather get in touch to make a donation then please contact us using MAV contact details below.

Phone: 0161 226 8134

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